Planning with PIE

Pareto’s principle has been applied to many things throughout the years. It basically states that 80 percent of an outcome will come from 20 percent of the causes. For a marketing campaign, that means 20 percent of the work will consume 80 percent of the time. Simply, spend considerable time planning in order to make the implementation of the campaign better…and easier.

Of course it would be great to start your brand’s marketing yesterday. But if you want to make it effective, the necessary time to plan is crucial.

Planning involves more than coming up some campaign theme. It includes communication plans, assessing risks, team structure clarification, determining goals, resource leveling, milestone listing and so much more. Then you still have to research the market.

Focusing a considerable amount of time in the planning stage may seem like it is delaying the start of the marketing campaign. But it won’t take too much time to find out how much happier you are you did.



Campaign mission and vision
Change management plan
Communications plan
Cost breakdown
Gantt chart
Initial market research
Initial product research
Lessons learned tracking
Milestone chart Planning
Risk management plan
S.M.A.R.T. goals
Task assignment
Work breakdown structure (WBS)


Campaign execution
Change management
Cost control
Risk forecasting
Schedule control
Trend analysis


Baseline comparison
Complete lessons learned
Formal closure review
Post-campaign research
Suggested actions


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