About Us

From Whence We Came

We opened our doors in November 2003. At that time we were pulling together our experience of project management, public relations, marketing, screenwriting, graphic design and journalism to form a magazine. We were ready to set the media world on fire.

Another door opened for us just months into that process. Several potential advertisers were calling us and asking us to produce marketing campaigns for them. Who knew? We sat, mulled about it, thought it out, weighed the pros and cons and then jumped at the opportunity. Hey, why not?

That was early 2004. We enjoyed it so much we’ve moved almost exclusively to providing marketing solutions to clients. Our unique approach to lifestyle brands, non-profits and medical industries has created a history of providing perception solutions that last. We love fundamentals, and we value doing things differently.

We’re a long way from the days of learning to build websites on FrontPage. New technology is everywhere and we have fun with the new stuff and the old stuff people forgot about. We’re all about experience. And though it sounds weird, we believe we’re not changing the world, we’re changing how you sense it.


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